Our Core Business: Providing Top Technology
for the fastest and most stable Online Learning System available - worldwide

For your "Trial Phase" we can immediately set up and provide the complete Online Learning System (as ASP - Application Service Provider).

Class-Online Systems is unrivaled in easy of use, precision, stability and speed - combined with high "comfort level" for the instructors' seminar work and management.

Forget what otherslike IBM, Oracle, HP  have tried to offer you with yesterdays technology -  e.g. power point presentation with phone-support, endless Q&A email correspondence,  unsupervised chats with time delay and lack of precision in case of larger learning content...

  • With Class-Online Systems:
  • Your complete seminar curriculum (text, graphics, pictures, videos, tests) will be converted to data-based learning content, easy to work with and navigate online.
  • No software installation in the teachers or students computer. Class-Online Systems works exclusively on the dedicated server.
  • Teachers have direct access to students data, test results and work progress.
  • No more emails or boring chats for Q&A dialogs. The most important tool in the Class-Online System is the "?" symbol at the menu. Click it on any page of the learning content, a window opens for dialog and the teacher sees the question exactly at the stage where the student is working. Questions and answers will be saved in the background and made  available to other students as well.
  • Class-Online Systems provides a complete administration and enrollment system.
    Every aspect of Class-Online Learning, including courses, classes, enrollments, reports, teacher assignments, payment information and more, is easily managed.

Enjoy a complete system presentation - Try it for your learning goals

We don't replace experienced teachers and instructors with downloads, websites and email. We create the highest quality knowledge transer and seminar operations, while dramatically saving time and cost.
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