The Real Online Seminar Solution For Your Organization:

For corporate and university education -

For fast and efficient updates of  technical and scientific themes -

For identical and controlled knowledge transfer to  large user groups -

For knowledge transfer within given time limits -

When control and certification of the learning process is mandatory  -

When your instructors and teachers should  teach and assist up to five times more students with less stress -

With Class-Online Systems technology you convert your existing curricilum (Word-documents, Power Point Presentations, graphics, tests, pictures, videos etc.) to the perfect online learning environment,

All courses and seminars become html based. Learning content is produced fast and cost-efficient. Changes, additions and updates are possible anytime online.

Time and cost for higher education can be reduced dramatically - plus:

  • Learning quality and learning results will improve
  • Guaranteed and controlled:  Each student receives absolutely identical content transfer with test and certification.
  • A student will never "miss a lesson". During set class hours, every student works individually (even in different chapters) but with full support of the teacher present.
  • Class-Online Systems can solve teacher shortage problems. Even with five times as many students, your present instructors will be able to give more individual answers and assistance than in a classical seminar.
  • No Instructors available?
    In a few hours, experts in the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, technical, management, law or administration fields can be trained to hold "Class-Online" Seminar. We will show you how it works.