Whatever you expect from a top of the line Online Learning System,  CLASS-ONLINE SYSTEMS has it - and more:

  • *** Star-Topic: Exclusive and only by Class-Online Systems -
    Question-Answer dialog between students and teachers, in real time without email - up to 70% work load reduction for teachers and instructors.
  • ***Star-Topic: Exclusive and only by Class-Online Systems -
    all Q&A dialogs will be saved in the background of the chapter page, where the question was submitted. If other students ask questions at the same point - the dialog pops up.,

  • Left side window with name of all users (students and teachers) present
  • News-Window with personal news for the students and notification, if the answer to their question was submitted. By clicking on the notification, the Q&A dialog can be seen on the learning page.
  •  Active Table of Contents - Students can mark pages and chapters as "done" for easy navigation especially useful with large curriculums.
  • TEST in different systems available (multiple choice versions or written test and answers in MS Word or Excel) with instant results, evaluation in percent as well as feedback.
  • REPORT System for Students and Instructors, Reports for work progress individually, for Test results - individually and for class-average.

  •  WBT = Web Based Training any time possible 24/7, all features are active outside the classroom sessions. Tests can be repeated several times. Questions can be asked before classroom times, missed work sessions can be completed.
  • Chat-Rooms with saved histories, window listing users present, handsignal feature to use in teacher guided discussions.
  • Seminar Management System completely integrated, from registration to classroom management and teacher assignments, cost analysis and payment system.
  • Additional Features installed on request (at no extra cost):
    Bulletin Boards, Event Calendar, Server-intern email only for seminar/class-members for private communication between students and students and teachers.
  • More questions? Just contact us